Bethesda Releases A Fallout 76 Jacket And Fans’ Responses Are Hilarious

Bethesda is still working hard to recover from its launch of online multiplayer, Fallout 76. The game, which released last year, was badly received by Fallout fans and was criticised for its lack of story, lack of NPCs and its various bugs and issues.

Things got worse when people who forked out for a special edition version of the game received a low-quality nylon bag instead of the fancy canvas bag that was advertised.

Credit: Bethesda

The disastrous launch has lost the franchise a lot of fans, but that hasn’t stopped Bethesda from trying. Along with many, many patches and bug fixes, the company decided to send out the canvas bags after all.

Right now, it’s selling Fallout 76 merch on the official Bethesda store, but it seems people still haven’t forgiven or forgotten…

Credit: Bethesda

Over on Twitter, Bethesda proudly showed off a very…interesting jacket which is currently up for sale, but gamers were quick to take the p*ss.

One user joked: “Made from real @BethesdaStudios leather!”

Another added: “Order now and the jacket will clip through your body.”

Others took the joke even further, using Bethesda’s own apology over the canvas bags against the company…

It was even claimed that Bethesda had to remove an earlier tweet due to the barrage of criticism.

The following Twitter user summed it up pretty nicely, saying: “Like, let’s be real. Did yall really think you would get any form of positive response after the bag incident?”

If, for any reason, you want one of these blue leather jackets with gold features, you can pick one up right here. Spoiler: it costs an eye-watering $276.

Credit: Bethesda