Battlefield V Has Massive Price Drop Days After Release

Battlefield V officially launched last week, but already some places are selling it for a ridiculously discounted price.

In fact, in Target it’s less than half price – down as low as $29.99 until Thursday.


You very well may be able to price match at different stores, but such a huge price drop just days after its release doesn’t bode well for the highly-anticipated game.

Although it is important to mention that Fallout 76 and Hitman 2 have also been on offer over the Thanksgiving holiday period.

In more Battlefield V news, a streamer managed to get 100 Kills in a single round of the game.

Shroud retired from professional Counter Strike and since then he has taken over Twitch with his insane (mostly) TPS/FPS gameplay. He rose to Twitch fame through PUBG quickly becoming the biggest streamer for that game and stayed there for months.

He is now trying his hand at other games like Battlefield and the latest CoD game which many people have taken a shine to after the addition of the battle royale mode this year. This video only goes to show that Shroud is not only a massive personality on the platform but also one of the most skilful.

Check out the end of the game here where he manages to get the last kill to take him to the 100 frags mark:


This clip is also blowing up on Reddit’s /r/livestreamfail (even though this is definitely not a fail) where top clips of the day get posted which can be funny, drama or just incredibly strange. The clip has already amassed a nice 40,000 views and climbing.

Shroud also recently got banned temporarily from PUBG for joining a hacker and flying about in his car for a game. This temporary ban lead him onto branching out more into other games and now plays a few other games and thank god he does as otherwise we wouldn’t get crazy clips like this to enjoy from the top tier streamer.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, who is the creator of PUBG said this about a previous streamer when they got banned:

“In my house, you follow the rules or you GTFO.”

Clearly PUBG are trying to enforce the rules the best they can but they have always struggled with hackers and to many PUBG players there seems to be no end in sight.

Another clip that is taking off on the sub-reddit is this one of the most perfect timing Pokémon clip you will ever see:

Madness and reason number 492 why I will love Twitch forever.