Battlefield 6 – 10 ways a new Battlefield needs to be better than 2042

Full cross-play and cross-progression functionality

Battlefield 2042 already has cross-play and cross-progression, albeit with some limitations, but it’s something that needs to continue into the next Battlefield title. More than ever, the barriers between platforms are breaking down as we’re able to play with whoever we like, no matter which console they play on.

Some new releases, like the new F1 game, have a habit of including cross-play and cross-progression as a post-launch feature. However, this is something that DICE really needs to be on top of, especially as players plan out their customary launch weekend bash with their squad mates.

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Legacy content

Battlefield players love a bit of legacy content. Most of the modern releases have seen old maps return in some way or another. In fact, Battlefield Portal was built entirely around the concept of legacy content. While this was a great idea, it didn’t bode well that the content was available separately from the core Battlefield experience.

In reality, it seems that fans are keen to experience old content in new ways and as part of the main Battlefield gameplay loop. For that reason, it would be great if we could see iconic maps and weapons return, not as DLC or as a separate mode, but readily available in All Out Warfare.

Afterall, if teams gone by have created beloved maps that are tried and tested, who’s to say fans would reject their reuse? I’m down for a TDM match on Noshahr Canals any day of the week.

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