Battlefield 6 – 10 ways a new Battlefield needs to be better than 2042

Mode specific maps

This is something that I’ve been banging on about for years in Battlefield, and that’s that each map needs to be tailor made specifically for each mode. Of course, this is likely impossible with the amount of development staff power it would take, but we can dream.

You’ll likely have noticed yourself while playing Battlefield that some maps work exceptionally well on Conquest, but are lacklustre on Breakthrough or Rush. Battlefield Portal at least lets players tinker with this themselves, but focused map design should really be at the core of the Battlefield experience.

Battlefield 2042
Credit: DICE/EA/Epic Games

Live Service Events

If you think about what competing titles to Battlefield are doing, they’re blowing DICE out of the water with their event offerings. Of course, nothing is really going to stand up to Fortnite and the way it constantly weaves itself in with pop-culture. But that’s not what I’m suggesting.

Take a look at Call of Duty and the way each season feels like an event – a new beginning for the game. That’s what Battlefield needs. A fresh offering of distinctly unique content that invigorates players to continue playing the title. Throwing a new map and a few guns into the mix with a couple of challenges aren’t enough. Players want to be enticed with something properly new and exciting.

The thing is, Battlefield used to do this really well. Each of the Battlefield 3 and 4 DLC packs had a specific theme. Close Quarters dropped a bunch of new content specific to the infantry style of play while Armored Kill put a big focus on vehicle gameplay. Battlefield 4 had the Dragon’s Teeth DLC which provided plenty of new urban style maps, while the Naval Strike DLC focused on naval warfare. That’s the sort of focused event design we need to see return from DICE.

Credit: DICE/EA


That brings me to another huge issue with Battlefield 2042, and it’s that the total amount of content on offer is pretty lacklustre, at least in the main mode of play. It seems that DICE intended for Portal to fill a bigger hole than it did with user-generated content reaching more players than it currently does. That’s left the main content pillar of Battlefield 2042 feeling extremely lacklustre.

While the number of maps in the game is a fair amount, there’s a distinct lack of weapons for players to sink their teeth into. That then spirals into issues with slow player progression because there’s so little for players to actually unlock. Battlefield 6 needs to have a solid offering of baseline content and focus on building upon a strong foundation with a well planned live service.

battlefield 3
Credit: EA/DICE

Modern Setting

I might be splitting opinions on this one, but I personally think that DICE needs to return to a modern setting with Battlefield. The historical shooter genre is so oversaturated these days, and the near-future concept of Battlefield 2042 is entirely fumbled.

Getting DICE to ground itself in a purely modern day setting seems like the perfect middle ground for DICE right now. The era means there’s plenty of scope for interesting gadgets without the team feeling like it needs to go over the top with high-tech weaponry.

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