Battlefield 4 might have Keyboard and Mouse Usage for PS4

The next-gen Battlefield 4 has been doing very well in pre-orders, even surpassing its rival Call of Duty on certain aspects. They plan to make the game even better than it was in Battlefield 3; it is a plan to draw in more gamers from any platform.

DICE is considering the ability to use a keyboard and mouse instead of a Dualshock 4 controller, from a recent AusGamers interview.

“We have mouse and keyboard support for the PC obviously, but I can’t speak now specifically for next gen consoles. But if it makes sense in the Battlefield universe, for a Battlefield game, we’ll consider it.”  

There has always been a distinction between PC gamers and Console gamers, and obviously using a controller or keyboard with a mouse will be the player’s preference. Sony has been trying to draw more gamers from the PC area, we will have to wait and see if DICE will go through with this idea.

It may seem as if one group of people might have an advantage over another. What do you fans think of this idea?