Evolution Studios Explains why Graphics will be More Realistic on PS4

At this year’s E3, Sony held a theatrical presentation of the upcoming Drive Club game where they discussed all the things that were possible due to the PS4. The Director of Evolution Studios Col Rodgers was there to talk about the new game’s capabilities in the 25 minute presentation.    

“The thing is though, none of this will be great without the awesome graphics fidelity. The PlayStation 4 is quite simply the most powerful console from the graphics point of view that’s ever existed. And you know we are proud to actually make use of that. Some of the things that you actually see in the Drive Club demo like the accurately simulated clouds, they are random every single time you play the game.

“In addition, during the day, none of the lighting is baked in to the game at all, everything is live so if you want to be in a certain geographical location within a certain a time of day, that will appear exactly as it would in real life,”


One of the most interesting parts of the presentation was how the studio was able to make every single thing in the game perfect. Even the stars in the sky will be exactly how you see it in real life.

He states, “In addition to that we have gone to such lengths, that we have actually have the stars correctly mapped in the sky. Which means when you look out you will see your favorite constellations, if you have one.”

A representative of GamingBolt was at the live event where he came across the lead car artist Neon, where he was inspecting one of the car models and rejected that car because “the wrong size screw heads were built in to the floor mats and it won’t do.”


It just goes to show us how serious developers of Evolution Studios are about perfection in their next-gen games. They have even informed us that the roads in the game will be modified real life tracks we have today. With the technology of DEM data, they are able to develop the exact landscape measurements that will be seen in the Drive Club game.

How do you fans feel about the work Evolution Studios is putting into their game?