Battlefield 4 is PS4 Launch Title?

EA recently revealed and confirmed Battlefield 4  couple days ago through the limited edition of Medal of Honor war-fighter. But Battlefield 4 beta is not  set to arrive until fall 2013.

We believe Next-generation consoles might revealed  late 2013/early 2014. The probability for battle field 4 beta,  EA is giving us an opportunity to test the game before it actually ready for next gen. The beta wont hit our shelves autumn 2013 meaning if the next gen console will revealed next year, the chance is are BF4 will be the perfect game for the PS4 lunch titles.

EA and sony have  a strong relationship, not to mentioned they made several games for the PlayStation products. About a month ago Sony confirmed PS4 Games Are In Development. We believe Battlefield 4 could be one of them. Battlefield 3 graphics  is an example for what the future gen might hold for us.


Leave a comment below lets us know if you think BF4 is a PS4 launch title