Battlefield 1 Artist Accidently Leaks New Weapon on Design Blog

Battlefield 1 expert Westie appears to have found something very interesting.

crossbow battlefield 1

Peter Olofsson Hermanrud is the lead weapon artist for Battlefield 1. While browing his profile on ArtStation, Westie found several artist renders of existing battlefield 1 weapons, and a render of a weapon that does not currently exist. This render appears to be a crossbow grenade launcher.

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Battlefield 3 had a similar weapon, that was released in the Aftermath DLC. You could argue that grenade launches are a staple of other FPS shooters. It’s time that Battlefield caught up to the pack. Westie makes a valid argument in his video below.

battlefield 1 crossbow

It’s also been speculated that this new crossbow grenade launcher could be added to the Medic Class. Chlak this up to being another Battlefield 1 mystery.

Speculation has also lead us to belive that this weapon could be included in the first paid Battlefield 1 DLC, which will be called “They Shall Not Pass”

YouTube video