Ballantine’s Announces New Borderlands Whisky With Mad Moxxi

Ballantine’s has announced a collaboration with Gearbox to release a Borderlands themed blend of scotch whisky called ‘Moxxi’s Bar Edition’.

Every gamer needs a beverage of choice, but there are few out there that are specifically gaming branded. Ballantine is here to change that by introducing the Borderlands blend of its signature whisky.

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The whisky maker has released an entertaining ‘Drink Responsibly’ video alongside the new drink blend. Featuring Moxxi herself, Amara, and Claptrap, it’s an entertaining introduction to the tipple. Watch it for yourself below!

YouTube video

What is Ballantine’s Borderlands Whiskey?

In a humorous press release, Ballantine explains that it has appointed Mad Moxxi as the new Chief Galactic Expansion Officer. Moxxi is the infamous bartender in the Borderlands universe. She’s appeared in all of the games and keeps the people of Pandora well fed and watered.

In a statement, ‘Moxxi’ said: “A good partnership balances business and pleasure in equal measure, and ours got off to a sweet start. George Ballantine came over to my place with a blush-worthy proposition. He offered me my own special run of bottles. I call it, ‘Moxxi’s Bar Edition. Get your hands on one of them, sugar, they’ll treat you right. Like the best things in life, it goes down smooth.”

Ballantine's Borderlands Whiskey
Credit: Ballantine’s

It seems that the new blend of whisky will first arrive in Pandora – I assume that means in-game. Players will soon learn more about how they can buy the new blend of whisky in Borderlands 3. Purchasing it will come with in-game rewards, too.

Shortly after the Ballantine whisky arrives in Borderlands 3, gamers will be able to buy a real bottle for themselves. However, Ballantine’s explains that it will be a first come first served basis.

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