Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Full Patch Notes – Is The Game Fixed?

Battlefield 2042 has received update patch 4.0 on April 19th, which brings voice chat for parties and squads along with other updates.

According to a blog post, VoIP functionality, weapon attachment overhauls and an end of round scoreboard are all in the game.

In addition, some balance adjustments have been made to specialists. Traits for Rao and Paik have been updated, along with a boost to Sundance’s specialty. Their Anti-Armor grenades will now be more effective against targets in their immediate vicinity.

Some bugs, such as ADS being disabled after leaving a vehicle and players being unable to revive near objects, have also been fixed.

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Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3
Credit: EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042 – Update 4.0 Full Patch Notes

Here are the Battlefield 2042 update 4.0 patch notes in full:


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now available in Battlefield 2042.

There are two voice chat channels to choose between: Party and Squad. Settings for VoIP can be adjusted via Options > Sound/Voice > Chat while in-game.


In Update 3.3 we released the UI refresh for the Scoreboard. Following this update this UI refresh will now also be available during the End of Round screens.

Weapon Attachments

With Update 4.0 we’ve overhauled the behavior of many weapon attachments to ensure that their impact when customizing your weapons is unique, and noticeable. Previously, some attachments had effects that were too similar from others, and it was unclear what the impact on your weapons would be when switching between them.

We encourage you to experiment with the refreshed weapon attachments to see how they feel after the update, and you’ll be able to read the full set of changes further down the page.


  • Made several improvements to Kill Assists
    • Damage Assists trigger from a lower damage threshold, improving consistency and clarity
    • EMP Grenades now trigger Assists more reliably
    • Assists can now trigger when a teammate kills an enemy and either of them were covered in smoke you deployed.
  • Fixed EMP effects persisting on screen
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a weapon attachment from the item reveal menu would in some scenarios reset the full customization on that weapon back to defaults
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s saved customization would sometimes be reset to defaults after joining a server
  • Simplified keybinds for Chat and VoIP
  • Switch weapon for Gunner can now be properly bound in key bindings
  • Airplane and Helicopter sensitivity settings added to the Options menu

Matchmaking and Social

  • Fixed a matchmaking error that could occur after quitting a Hazard Zone server
  • Matchmaking information is now visible in the Player Card screen
  • Fixed a bug where a user encounters a matchmaking loop and gets sent back to the lobby.
  • Disbanding a party before joining it no longer incorrectly shows the “Remove EA Friend” prompt

Progression and Unlocks

  • Adjusted Ribbons to make them easier to unlock across all modes, especially in Rush
  • Further adjustments to specific Ribbons:
    • Logistics – Progress earned from repairing friendly vehicles has been increased, and progress earned from healing and resupplying has been reduced
    • Objective – Kills or Assists while fighting for objectives in Breakthrough now also give progress
    • Intel – Progress for hitting enemy vehicles with EMP’s has been doubled
    • Combat – Destroying an enemy Ranger now rewards Ribbon progress
    • Combat & Wingman – Kills and Assists on enemy Players in Hazard Zone now give increased progress
  • Mastery for the Mi-240 Super Hind, MV-38 Condor, and MAV now gets progress as intended when teammates spawn in on your vehicle
  • Cosmetics and weapon attachments are now correctly marked as New when unlocked
  • XP from support actions has been increased, while XP from objective actions has been decreased to compensate:
    • Projectile Destroyed, with Irish’ APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, from 5 -> 10 XP
    • Enemy Disrupted with EMP, from 10 -> 20 XP
    • Equipment Destroyed, from 5 -> 10 XP
    • Healing, from 5 -> 20 XP
    • Resupply, from 5 -> 20 XP
    • Repairing, from 5 -> 20 XP
    • Ranger Destroyed, from 25 -> 75 XP
    • Objective Neutralized, from 250 -> 200 XP
    • Objective Captured, form 375 -> 200 XP
    • Sector/Objective Defended, from 15 -> 10 XP.
  • Added an XP event for killing a downed enemy in Hazard Zone
  • Repairing Ranger now correctly triggers the repairing XP event