Joe Rogan Publicly Challanged to Quake Match by ‘Attack of the Show’s’ Kevin Pereira

Yep, you read that right. Kevin Pereira of old gaming television program “Attack of the Show” (rest in peace G4, gone but not forgotten) just publicly challenged comedian, friend, and Quake master Joe Rogan to a Quake deathmatch.

Credit: iD Software

When asked by one of his viewers about Joe Rogan on his live Twitch show, The Attack, Pereira talked about how he’d love to be back as a guest on Rogan’s podcast again to catch up with him and try to convince him to make a deal with Twitch to have his own show. He then went on to say that the reason he hasn’t been back on Joe’s podcast is because Joe is afraid of his gaming skills. Pereira then went on to call him a “giant coward” for not inviting him back yet- “because he knows I’d crush him in Quake.”

Pereira claimed that Joe stands absolutely no chance against him, that he could use a trackball mouse and still “frag him 6 ways to Sunday.” It’s a pretty huge claim, especially considering how much technology has advanced since the release of Quake back in 1996. After that bold statement, Pereira went a step further, saying that he could have “a 486 and give Joe a wallhack” and Periera would “still crush him”.

Credit: iD Software

That;s a pretty ballsy set of statements, considering Joe Rogan was borderline addicted to Quake back in the game’s heyday.

Kevin Pereira talked himself up quite a bit- let’s hope this match actually happens sometime soon.