Asura Island Lost Ark – Token and Mokoko Seed Locations

Accessible via ship, Asura Island Lost Ark is North-East of the ‘Cradle of the Sea Fermata’ and ‘Monte Island’. It’s home to an Island token to complete the Gangwoon’s Rematch questline amongst other things. Rather than do separate quest guides, here’s everything you need to know about Asura Island Lost Ark:

What Users Can Buy on Asura Island Lost Ark

The Island Spirit on Asua Island in Lost Ark sells the ‘Challenge of Blood’, and ‘Epic’ level of challenge which is required to acquire the Asura Island Token. More on that later. Island Spirit also sells the ‘Bravery Sail Glyph’ that’s an uncommon cosmetic item for a player’s ship. Both of these items cost 100 Blood Shards. There’s also a good selection of uncommon and rare engraving pouches, but they do have a weekly cap applied. Sorry hoarders! 

Asura Island In Lost Ark
Credit: Smilegate / Tripod Studio

Asura Island Token – Asura Island Lost Ark

The Asura Island Token is proof that the Island has accepted a player and can be exchanged for rewards over on Opher, The Lonely Island. But for users to get the chance to get this coveted token they’ll need to complete the followings tasks and quests in this order:

  • Buy the quest starter item ‘Challenge of Blood’ for 100 Blood Shards from ‘Island Spirit’
  • Complete ‘A Mysterious Creature’ quest
  • Complete ‘Grandwoon’s Rematch’ quest

Providing these conditions are met, the ‘Soothing the Spirits’ PvE co-op quest will kick in around three minutes after landing on Asura Island. This requires players to kill 200 Resentful Spirits which will drop a certain number of Blood Shards depending on rank.

Once completed, the PvP co-op quest ‘Showing Strength’ will start which requires a total of 600 points across all players to complete. Kills get ten points whilst assists get five, resulting in a Blood Shard reward depending on rank. Finally, users will then be awarded the Asura Island Token.

Credit: Smilegate / Tripod Studio

Mokoko Seed  Locations

Two Mokoko seeds are located on Asura Island Lost Ark. The first one can be found North of the Island Spirit next to a body of water. The second can be found to the West of the Island Spirit near a narrow strip of water which is just below the middle of the Island.

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