Are Video Games Good For You?

Are video games good for you? Adults ask themselves questions like this when their kids pick up a hobby or they see a negative report in a newspaper. The thing is, gaming is just that, a hobby. In fact, many people enjoy successful careers thanks to being games enthusiasts. From developers to public relations, there are plenty of cool careers to think about if that’s what someone wants to get into.

Is Gamer Brain Real?

But what about everyone else? People who just want to kick back after a tough day at school or work and get lost in a multiplayer battle royale or engaging RPG story just want to chill and find that release. Escapism is healthy, but like all good things, too much can be damaging both mentally and physically. We’re looking at your cake!

Are Video Games Good For You?
Credit: Pexels

Are Video Games Good For You?

We think the best way to answer this question is to point out some key benefits of being a gamer, in moderation of course. Here are a few pointers on the benefits of video games:

1: Brain Exercise – Are Video Games Good For You?

Gaming might help young gamers develop their brains to the point of increasing their brain’s grey matter. Science Alert reported that playing games regularly may increase grey matter and optimise brain connectivity. Cool, right?

APA has confirmed in a study that surgeons who played video games were faster at performing advanced procedures and made 37% fewer mistakes. Cool, Right?

2: Learning and Exercising Without Realising It

This doesn’t just go for mainstream console and video games, but mobile and web browser games too. Have trouble making your kid read? Load up Pokemon or another RPG that requires players to read to understand what’s going on. Parents will also find that educational bodies and revision services such as BBC Bitesize offer educational games that also teach kids English, Maths, Science, Languages, and much more.

We all remember the Wii and Wii Fit right? In fact, any kind of motion gaming is exercise. One of the more successful exercise games, Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch, allows players to jog on the spot and employ resistance training, Yoga, and other forms of exercise to defeat on-screen monsters in a turn-based RPG setting. 

Are Video Games Good For You?
Credit: Pexels

3: Life Lessons

You wouldn’t think it, but various gaming sandboxes rely on good money and inventory management to have a successful playthrough. Any gamer will tell you that going into a boss fight without the right weapon or enough potions is a bad idea. In fact, more and more games are using crafting mechanics, teaching players how to make other items and to make sure they keep an eye on the stock.

Also, many games teach players to be persistent and confident in their decision making, often helping them recognise the power of commitment and pushing one’s limits. Problem-solving is undoubtedly a key skill to have for most jobs, pretty much every game pushes players into making the right decision for success.

There are plenty more reasons why gaming is good for us, but simply in moderation. Always make sure to take regular breaks and go and touch some grass from time to time.


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