April 2012 New Releases



Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock 



The story has nothing to do with the show and features the characters of Doctor and River Song who are trying to save Earth. Not much has been revealed about the plot, but we can guess that something called The Eternity Clock is obviously wreaking havoc with time. This will definitely be a job for our sonic-screwdriver wielding hero. The game uses Unreal Engine 3 and allows for single and multiplayer options. The game will also feature challenging puzzles as you play the game.


Rating: RP – Rating Pending

Genre: Action Adventure 

Releasing For: PS3 and PS Vita

Release Date: April – To Be Announced




Devil May Cry HD Collection


Play the role of Dante all over again with this HD Collection as he fights demons to avenge his mother’s death, battles his own brother, and more. The game will be completely remastered and have the same challenging puzzles as always. For those who have never played the DMC series, the game uses stylized combat with a sword and guns. Also, it is a single-player game that gives a grade on how well you played missions. The game also has items to regain health, come back to life, and more.


Rating: M for Mature – Adults 18 and Above

Genre: Action

Releasing For: PS3

Release Date: April 3, 2012


Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat



The game is based off of Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior franchise. The game will combine all of the warriors and weapons from Deadliest Warrior: the Game and Deadliest Warriors: Legends. Unlike the last two games which were a digital release on each online marketplace, Ancient Combat will be released as a retail game.


Rating: M for Mature – Adults 18 and Above

Genre: Action Fighting

Releasing For: PS3

Release Date: April 17,2012


Prototype 2



Sergeant James Heller is a man who blames the deaths of his family on Alex Mercer and is the main character of the game. After surviving a suicide mission and being transformed into the virus by Alex Mercer, Heller is looking to kill Mercer. Due to the mutation of the virus, Heller is not completely like Mercer. The virus’ mutation has granted it tendrils, which makes Heller’s appearance more fluid and organic than Mercer’s black and red, metallic coloration. Mercer’s motives are unclear, but unlike the first game he is not committed to stopping the virus, but seems to be spreading it.


Rating: M for Mature – Adults 15 and Above

Genre: Open World Action

Releasing For: PS3

Release Date: April 24, 2012


The Walking Dead: The Game: Episode 1



The game takes place in the same universe as The Walking Dead books, “in the same time and place, in and around Atlanta” according to Gary Whitta. It is set in the comic book universe and, though there are some shared characters between the two universes, Gary Whitta confirmed that “the video game version is based on the comics and has no connection to the TV series.” The main character, Lee Everett, is in many ways the opposite of Rick. While Rick is sheriff, Lee is a convict.




Releasing For: PlayStation Store 

Release Date: April – To Be Announced


Wheels Of Destruction: World Tour



The game is powered by Unreal Engine and is an arcade-style racing game in which players attack each other with five different car classes. Gamers are pitted against each other in Capture the Flag and Deathmatch game modes in 12 distinct set-piece arenas.


Rating: No Rating 

Genre: Race Arcade 

Releasing For: PS Store 

Release Date: April 3, 2012

I Am Alive



The game has an emphasis on climbing and exploration. The player can scale wrecked buildings and navigate hazardous areas. Every effort has a cost.


Rating: M for Mature: Adults 15 and Above 

Genre: Survival Horror

Releasing For: PS Store 

Release Date: April 4, 2012


The House Of The Dead 4


The game features grenades that the player can throw to destroy large numbers of enemies. Additional grenades can be earned by completing certain tasks or by shooting crates. At some points in the game, players are required to shake the gun vigorously in order to escape certain situations and also to reload the gun. Also, game features branching paths. Most of the paths lead to the same point in the game’s story.

Rating: No Rating


Genre: Gun Arcade 

Releasing For: PS Store

Release Date: April 17, 2012


Disgaea 3: Absence Of Detention


 As a mad scientist attending a Netherworld campus, perform evil experiments and enslave your foes. Also become the greatest honor student by being evil. the game packs almost everything the PlayStation®3 version had, including the DLC, so you will get hundreds of hours of non-stop gameplay!

Rating: T for Teen

Genre: Strategy RPG

Releasing For: PS Vita 

Release Date: April 17, 2012