Andrew House Admits To Changing E3 Script in 2013

2013 brought out the next generation video game consoles. Though with Microsoft revealing the Xbox One a month before E3, gamers were left with a bad taste in their mouths. This lead Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment boss, to make a few changes within the E3 script. Though, he admits that Sony didn’t change any of their core components with the PlayStation 4.

It’s safe to say that the Microsoft Xbox One, when first announced, didn’t leave many gamers in good spirits. The console had some serious DRM issues such as an always on system, taking out used game all together and labeled it as an entertainment system with video games as one of the side features.

Sony’s Andrew House read a few articles online the weekend before E3 and was surprised to see the outcry of what would become the future of gaming. Gamers were mad and confused as to why Microsoft would take on such ridiculously DRM standards. These articles eventually lead to Sony following the same footsteps, something that Sony had no intentions in doing.

Andrew House felt that this year’s E3 should focus on where they stand. The event was a massive success and something we haven’t seen in quite awhile. Audience blew up when Andrew House told of video game system that didn’t require an internet connection at all times and most of all used games were “okay” in Sony’s book. You want to trade in, buy used or lend it to a friend, that was perfectly fine with the PlayStation 4.

Since then, Microsoft has changed a number of their DRM issues but it’s safe to say, Sony beat Microsoft to the punch.