AMD files suit against nVidia for stealing PlayStation 4 secrets?

If rumours are true, AMD is fighting head on with arch rivals nVidia over leaked documents which former AMD employees took with them while jumping ship to their rival video card manufacturer. A report by Engadget states that AMD has filed suit against four of its former employees, claiming that they joined nVidia along with thousands of confidential documents which included sensitive information regarding tech being used in the next-gen consoles, etc.

The lawsuit is filed against former VP of AMD’s AMD’s Strategic Division, Robert Feldstein, who played a pivotal role in developing custom hardware for game consoles like the Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U. The company also claims that he, along with three others transfered over 100,000 files that contained trade secrets related to development, based on “forensically-recovered data” that indicates the executive used external storage devices on his company computer before his departure. Feldstein and Richard Hagen, another AMD executive are also being accused of luring others to Nvidia.

This comes as a body blow to AMD as they saw nVidia being muscled out of the next-gen consoles if reports are to be believed. However, their new-found data can help nVidia bounce back from their woes.

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