PlayStation 4 to be more powerful than Xbox 720


On a report reliable source today,VG247 has been told that PlayStation 4 will have 50% raw power advantage over the next Xbox-Simply Xbox 720 or Durango.

Lately there has being so many rumor about the PS4, regardless the Roadmap System Revealed PS4 Release Date,  Sony hints PlayStation 4 to be  announcement May or June.

Next generation hardware to believe PS4 will be more powerful than Xbox 720. After VG247 spoke to Developer at CES, they told them the next PlayStation will have a run-capability of 1.84 teraflops which will be bigger then Xbox 720. Its being said the next xbox-simply Xbox 720 will have a run-capability 1.23 teraflops.


Both console  will have  the ability to reach 100Gb Blu-ray discs.