6 terrifying horror videogames that you will be too scared to play

Horror games are much unlike horror movies, because in games you’ll need to fight ghosts and monster all by yourself. There’s every possibility of your head being chopped off in front of your own eyes. The most scariest thing is that nothing is predictable in such games. There can be monsters popping out of anywhere and plunging at you.

Here’s a list of six great horror games released till date which are bound to induce insomnia.

1. Dead Space


Dead Space, released back in 2008, is the first part of a horror trilogy. The next two installments of the game were released in 2011 and 2013 respectively. The game starts when a ship systems engineer named Isaac Clark goes out to fix a starship called Ishimura which was sending distress signals. Isaac, the protagonist of the game later finds out that the starship had been abandoned long before and is attacked by ghostly abominations called ‘Necromorphs’. The game is an amazing horror experience with the players needing to kill those ‘Necromorphs’ using Isaac’s engineering tools.

The game provides the players with a horrifying experience all the way with a story which shifts frequently. Nothing in the game can be pre-assumed and to make it worse Isaac is short on ammo too.

The environment of the game is really very disturbing with creepy sounds coming from all around. The sequels however could not keep up with the scary standards of the original Dead Space, which undoubtedly is one of the best horror video games of all times.

2.  Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Amnesia: The Dark Descent, released in 2010 is another game which can scare the hell out of you. The game starts with the protagonist Daniel waking up in the dark halls of the Prussian Brennenburg Castle. Daniel has no memory of his past except knowing his name. The castle is filled with scary monsters and the players need to salvage Daniel out of it while maintaining his sanity.

The atmosphere inside the castle is quite creepy with darkness prevailing over. The unexpected popping out of the monsters makes life even harder for Daniel, as he has no weapons to fight them.

With every passing room some unaccounted instances happen which threatens Daniel’s sanity further. Putting on a headphone and playing Amnesia in a room alone is an uphill task for sure as there are reports that many players could not complete the game because it’s ‘too scary’.

3. Outlast


Outlast, developed by Red Barrels was released for PC in 2013 and for consoles in 2014. The game features the story of an freelance journalist named Miles Upshur. Upshur sets out to investigate about the unethical experiments being conducted in an asylum after he is informed by an anonymous person. There’s no surprise what the asylum is full of and how it’s atmosphere would be.

The shabby asylum has some ghastly residents with sewn mouths which will fright you for sure. The players need to parkour Upshor out of that asylum where he is going to get chased by horrible looking mutated humans. The music theme of the game is also very creepy and it will certainly need some guts to play this.

4. Alien: Isolation


Alien: Isolation is a heart pounding horror game filled with lots of actions and adventures. The game is based on the famous sci-fi film series Aliens. The protagonist in the game is Ellen Ripley’s daughter and it has a stealth and survival game-play.

Ripley’s daughter goes out in search of a derelict space station for her and finds the same beast she fought. The Artificial Intelligence in the game is great and gives a pure cinematic experience. There are various terrifying moments in the game which you’ll need to come across. The game can certainly ruin your sleep for a few days.

5. The Forest


The Forest begins with an airplane crashing in a weird island in which you and your kid were on board. The kid is then taken away and you have got a mission to find him. There is however an interesting inventory available in the game which helps in your survival in the forest.

The open world survival horror game has received numerous positive reviews. The game is plotted on a weird forest which is also the home of various woodland creatures, are a tribe of nocturnal, cannibalistic mutants who dwell in deep caves beneath the island. You can avoid clashes with these ghastly creatures in the game using your skills.

6. Silent Hill 2


Silent Hill 2 is the sequel of the survival horror video game Silent Hill. The game was released back in 2001 and is still one of the scariest video games ever. The protagonist James Sunderland has to encounter various creatures such as a Pyramid Head, iconic nurses and most importantly his inner demons.

James Sunderland returns back to the eerie Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife. He fights against his inner demons along with all the horrifying activities going on around the town. Yet he puts back his fear and goes out to find his answers.

The game is certainly a gripping horror story with suspense and thrill at every moment. Silent Hill 2 is certainly going to give you a  nightmare if you have a weak heart.

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