Fallout 4 – 6 Exploits You Must Try Before They Are Fixed

Fallout 4 has had a lot of glitches since its release. The glitches are being exploited to an extent by the players already. However, it won’t be long before Bethesda releases an official patch for the game which’ll take care of it most.

There’s still time left for you to make good of them though but you must act quickly. Fragburn’s come up with this handy little guide to help you in doing so. Here are 6 Fallout 4 exploits that you can use before they get patched out –

1. Dogmeat Can Get You The Cryolator


You can make Dogmeat to fetch the big Cryolator. He will pull the Cryolator out of the case with a jerk for you. You don’t know what happens after the patch, so it is better to try it now if you don’t already have the weapon.


2. Duplicate Your Items And Max Out Tour SPECIALs


You can double up any item by using a simple technique. Drop any item infront of Dogmeat and ask him to fetch it but pick it yourself instead.

You will have your item in your hand and Dogmeat will have a duplicate piece of it. This might be because of some magic he knows. The same can be done with the stat-boosting book you find in Shaun’s room to max out your SPECIALs.

Here are the final three glitches that might come handy before they get extinct.


3. Bigger Settlements Can Be Built


This is one of the riskiest tricks of Fallout 4. You can build bigger settlement in the game, even bigger than the game’s permissible limit. All you need to do is dump some weapons inside the green boundary and move them to storage by using the settlement editor.

This will reduce the build size of the game as it thinks that you are taking the building stuff away. This trick can cause some difficulty later in the game as we have no idea what will happen when the game is patched.

4. Get Inside Places With The Help Of Chairs


This is a funny glitch the game has and is surely going to be patched soon. You can get inside a room even if the door is locked without any issues but there should be a chair visible in the room.


If the room has a chair or a couch it will give you the ‘Sit’ option and if you accept that you’ll be inside the room in a flash. This is sheer magic.

5. Get Lots And Lots Of Caps


You can get lots of caps by using this simple technique. Visit a vendor and buy all of one kind of ammo and sell him back only one type of ammo.

Don’t finalise the deal and start selling the ammo again but don’t reach zero. Doing this right will surely give you a lot of caps and it wouldn’t decrease your ammo too.


6. Get Unlimited Adhesives


Here is a simple way to get unlimited supply of adhesives. You need to make a vegetable paste using three mutfruits, three ears of corn, three tatos, and one bottle of purified water, and this vegetable paste will break down into five units of adhesive.

There shouldn’t be any problem in getting the vegetables as you can grow them and Codsworth can make purified water in his free time.

There you go, now you know what you need to spend the rest of the day doing. Make sure you max out on these since an official patch is well on its way from what we have heard!