17 GB Download For PS4 Driveclub

Driveclub, a social racing game developed by Evolution Studios, will take up 17 GB on the PS4’s hard drive. That is a huge among of space for a game. In a series of tweets, game director Paul Rustchynsky talked about a few other things about Driveclub. When it comes to driver customization: “There are a selection of predefined drivers, both male and female, which span a range of skin tones.” When it came to a lack of local co-op/split screen, Rustchynsky stated: “It’s something we get asked about a lot, and I wish it was as easy as just downgrading the graphics, but its a lot more complicated.”

Driveclub will be free for PS Plus subscribers and will have the standard $60 for non PS Plus users. Driveclub will come with a $25 DLC season pass and will be out on October 7th.