15 cool math games your kids will love

Kids nowadays are very attached to their computers. They love doing different things on them, ranging from playing cool math games to surfing the internet. Computers can be both a blessing or a curse for children. They can either learn and discover new things from the internet, or pick up bad habits way too easily.

However, there are actually ways to make children practice some math concepts in non-traditional ways. There are websites that can provide a variety of fun games, information for parents and other resources which can help children learn math without the feel of a lesson plan.

Here is a list of 15 such math games which can be very useful if your child loves sticking to the computer:


1. Cool Math Games


This website provides children different kinds of topics paired with nicely crafted educational content and good graphics. The games have silly titles and pictures, which kids are sure to love. Apart from math, the website will also let your child explore more about science, language arts, and much more. You can check out the website here.

2. Hooda Math


Hooda Math is another site which can be very helpful for your kid to learn various topics. The website brings in new games every week in different categories such as geometry, logic, and arithmetic. The games on the website help kids learn and have fun at the same time. Games like Real Estate Fun, Cargo Math, and Inn Keeper let children apply the concepts of math in real life. Go to Hooda Math by clicking here.

3. Fun Brain


Fun Brain has some amazing fun games that will tickle your brain. Games like Math Arcade, Math Baseball, and Tic Tac Toe Squares are some of the games which will provide some fuel in the growth of your child’s brain. The games on the website have great graphics, which make it more interesting than a boring school-type lesson. Some popular games like Sudoku and Mad Libs Jr. are also available in the website. You can check out interesting games in Fun Brain here.


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4. Primary Games


Apart from having some wonderful math games, Primary Games features activities involving other various topics. Some of the most popular math games available on the site are Princess Math, Skater Math, Grand Prix Racing, and Math Tiles. There are also links to various fun and information based topics like Jump Start and PBS Kids on the site. Find fun games the Primary Games website here.

5. Fun School


Fun School is a place your kids will surely love. The website provides fun and learning tools for subjects such as Math, Science, Language, Geography, History, Sports, Arts and many more. Children from pre-school up to 8th grade can learn and explore everything about outer space, oceans, and even farms. You can visit Fun School here.

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6. Mr. Nussbaum


Mr. Nussbaum separates players by their grade level and lets children practice the various aspects of math. The site has 87 math games for grades 2 to 7. They are able to practice multiplication, rounding, graphing, as well as other various topics. The website also provides interesting facts about math and several assorted topics. Check out the website here.


7. IXL


Another website which provides fun math learning games and activities is IXL. The contents in the website are divided according to grade level (from preparatory to 8th grade). This grade range helps in finding your child a specifically suitable topic for practice. The website also has a feature of letting you know how much time your child your taking to answer a particular question and allots him/her a score in order to help keep a track of his/her progress. Visit IXL right away by clicking this link.

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8. Free Math Help


This website provides help to students of higher standards with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and other advanced topics. The website provides simple and straight forward teaching paired with fun activities, which is sure to help students learn a little easier. The graphics of the website are basic and the instructions provided are pretty clear. Go to the Free Math Help Website.

9. Math Play

9Math Play is a website which hosts several math games that are specially designed for middle school students. Some of the games are based on game show formats such as Deal or No Deal, Millionaire, and Jeopardy. These games help make learning math more interesting. Students can also practice various concepts of math like fractions integers, and place values on the website. Check out Math Play here.


10. Funny Games


Funny Games is another website which provides interesting math learning tools for children. The website features various arcade style games and puzzles which make kids learn the concepts of math in a fun way. There are games on the website where you are required to solve various math problems in order to destroy enemy tanks and battle your way through epic fights, all while learning math. Move over to the Funny Games website by clicking this link.

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11. Math Blaster


The next website to feature on this list is Math Blaster. Math Blaster provides an opportunity for your kids to save the galaxy by solving math problem and mastering their skills. There are arcade style games and high-speed missions which they’ll need to complete in the process. Math Blaster also gives kids a chance to meet new friends and learn various concepts of math. This game franchise has been around since the early 90’s, and it’s bound to impress. Check out the awesome Math Blaster website here.

12. I Play Math Games


I Play Math Games is an advanced website which provides opportunities to learn math on different devices such as iPad, Mac, PC, Smartboard, and Whiteboard. There are numerous free math game games on the website which are fun to play along with free workbooks which can be printed, interactive white boards, and links to different useful apps. Visit I Play Math Games here.


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13. Smart Math


There is a ton of great learning and information waiting for kids in Smart Math as the website is associated with Encyclopedia Britannica. The website features nicely categorized contents for children from Kindergarten to Standard 8. The membership of Smart Math is also very affordable and lets parents to keep track of their child’s progress. You can have a look at the Smart Math website here.

14. Math Slice


Math Slice has content which can be enjoyed and explored by students of all ages. The website starts from the very basic concepts of math like addition and subtraction to advanced concepts like statistics, measurements, and fractions. The website also hosts traditional games such as Hangman, Bingo, and Chess along with varied versions of Guitar Hero, Drive Thru and Math Millionaire. Check out the contents of Math Slice here.

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15. Soft Schools

cool math games

Soft Schools is a very simple website to access. The website has contents which are divided into different age groups which makes them easy to find. The games in Soft Schools are very simple and fun to play. Kids don’t need to follow any particular instructions to play the games on this website. Have a look at Soft Schools here.


All of the websites listed above features games that are interesting and fun to play. These games can help children learn math and have fun at the same time. Kids often consider math to be a boring subject, but the sites in this article have the potential to make them change their mind.

We’ll try to update this list with more websites that makes math learning for children interesting as soon as we come across them. For the time being, we hope the list helps your kid to master his/her math skills. If you have any other suggestions or names of websites which falls under the same category, please let us know.