11-Year Old Dr DisRespect Cosplayer Goes Back-To-Back In Competition

The Dr DisRespect competition is back with #Doctober2021 and this new submission could be the new back-to-back champion.

Dr DisRespect is kicking off his annual Halloween cosplay competition once more. To take part, contestants must create a Doc cosplay, post a video or picture, and Tweet it out with the hashtag #Doctober2021. It’s really that easy. However, the competition is fierce.

Highlighted by Doc himself was the submission from last year’s winner, London. And it looks like this 11-year-old is defending his championship, with a killer Dr DisRespect competition submission.

YouTube video


It’s genuinely impressive the amount of effort put into London’s submission. And honestly, the contest feels like a done deal at this point. Capturing the essence of Dr DisRespect, London is seen ripping the heart straight out of a man. And hilariously, the wee man suits the Doc moustache. One of the comments on the video even wraps it up nicely. If this guy rocks up to the club, he’s asking the bouncer for their ID.

Credit: Dexerto

While I’m not sure if London’s previous win will work against him, there are prizes for the top three positions. Third will get merch package, signed peripheral package, and a permanent spot in Doc’s arena. One up from that second place will also come with signed and used pair of peripherals from Doc. These are essentially Docs sunglasses for the uninitiated. And the top spot not only comes with a signed original pair of Oakley glasses, they also come with a full day of Duos with the Doc himself.

London certainly has the skill to go toe-to-toe with DisRespect, as showcased by their video. You really have to when you are teaming up with someone that pops off insane no-scopes in Warzone. Here’s hoping that London can become the next two-time back-to-back 2020, 2021 champion. It certainly be deserved.

What do you think of London’s submission for the Dr DisRespect competition? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Dr DisRespect