10 Most Powerful God Modes in Video Games

God mode refers to a very popular cheat that allows players to become literally invincible when playing a video game. It can also allow you to carry infinite ammunition, to hold an unlimited number of items and ultimately become an untouchable deity. Even though nowadays developers don’t really like to give players all the power, gamers have found a way to still hack the system and be able to use god mode and this is why today we are going to take a look at 10 of the most powerful god modes in video games.

Unreal Tournament 3
Alongside other available cheats found in Unreal Tournament 3, the “god mode” offers you the possibility to play the game like a total legend. By activating it you’ll gain full invincibility, a trait that’ll prove to be very useful when you want to pass through the levels with no care in the world. The god mode is highly appreciated by the gamers who like to just shoot their way through the gameplay, caring only about the pure action part of the game.

Deus Ex

In Deus Ex the god mode comes in very handy when you have to fight a tough boss and you seem to just die a lot and aren’t able score a kill. The good thing is that this cheat is also very easy to enable, by simply changing the value of “L” to “L=God” you’ll be able to activate it while in game just pressing this key on your keyboard. Many fans of the Deus Ex games choose to play with the “god mode” on because it helps them beat the unbeatable and enjoy a stress-free playing session.

Fallout 4
The god mode in Fallout 4 allows for infinite ammunition, no damage taken whatsoever, no crippling and, of course, infinite life. It is the most powerful cheat in the game and it helps players concentrate purely on exploration and on continuing the story without the hassle of scavenging for resources or fearing for your life when encountering enemies. Since Fallout’s world is such a dangerous place, this cheat is preferred by an impressive number of gamers.

Wolfenstein 3D
Similar to many other retro gaming titles, Wolfenstein 3D’s developers love to give players opportunities to basically bend the rules of their own game. The god mode can be activated by simply pressing Tab + G in the game menu and as soon as you’ve enabled this cheat, you’ll feel like you have infinite power, smiting down Nazis becoming a piece of cake. Together with Doom and Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D is one of those classical tiles were the god mode really means something.

The god mode in Skyrim lets you become an unbeatable dragon born that can fight without being hurt and can carry an infinite number of items thanks to the godlike power of having exceptionally large pockets. Furthermore, you’ll be the most feared traveler in the game, taking on giants and dragons without a care in the world, thing that will make you feel even more high and mighty. And, if you, like many other players, enjoy playing Skyrim modded, just think of the potential damage you could do.

Call of Duty Black Ops
Like with most shooters in our list, a god mode is always welcomed and even though you cannot use it in online competitive matches, some seasoned programmers still found a way to hack the system. Even though the developers don’t have a very good opinion about using cheats, much less about the god mode that greatly overpowers the players, where there is a will, there is a way and thus many gamers got to enjoy this great hack in Call of Duty.

Rise of the Triad
Rise of the Triad is a 1995 shooter known for its quirkiness that involves many modes, weapons and special effects that are usually not found within the shooter genre. And because it is so unique, its god mode doesn’t fall far from the tree, offering a new gameplay experience where the camera perspective is raised several feet higher and the player can launch “deadly godfire” from his hands while feeling the true power of the invincible deity he truly is.

In the same vein as the other god modes found throughout games mentioned in our list, the one from Quake gives the player total invulnerability to damage, making him a veritable killing machine, that can trample his enemies with no difficulty at all. Ever since the game has been released, players tried to find all kinds of hacks and cheats to make their lives easier and once they found the “god mode” everything became pure bliss.

Duke Nukem
Whether you’re playing Duke Nuken 3D or its more modern version, “Forever”, using the god mode grants you total immunity to gunshots and makes you feel like an invincible super soldier that can take on any enemy the game throws at you without even getting a scratch. Just blasting everyone and being totally bulletproof can be a very satisfying experience and this is why it’s a great idea to enable the god mode once in a while if you are looking for that extra edge.

The pioneer of the god mode, Doom allows its players to activate this famous hack with the classic cheat code IDDQD. The “Degreelessness Mode” as it’s called in the game is the most basic form of the “god mode”, offering the player complete invulnerability from all damage. Since Doom was first released in 1993, the trend of using invincible modes in video games has become more and more popular, allowing players to have an extra advantage when trying to beat an extremely difficult boss.

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