These are the 10 Best Companions in Games That Never Let You Feel Lonely

A friend in need is a friend indeed and this is especially true when you are the hero and need to fight off hordes of monsters or stop dark forces from taking over the world. A companion is the best thing a video game could spoil you with and because of this reason we are going to take a look at the best sidekicks you can befriend. Be them human, pets or an artificial intelligence, these invaluable helpers are the ones who rescue the hero when he is too busy saving the world!

Elizabeth – BioShock Infinite

Although Booker DeWitt is tasked with saving Elizabeth from SongBird and bringing her to New York, the roles often seem to reverse as the storyline progresses. Having the absolutely unique ability of manipulating the so called “Tears” that exist in the fabric of time, Elizabeth can open a rip and gain access to an alternate universe. Vital items such as first aid kits, ammunition or Salts can be obtained from these Tears thus she becomes an utterly indispensable character during the gameplay, being the main support for Booker. Since she feels so alive whenever she speaks or does any actions, Elizabeth is definitely the most special companion you can find in a video game.

Wheatley – Portal 2

Image: Valve

Even though we all know how duplicitous Wheatley can be, he still remains one of our favorite video game companions. With his ever innovative dark humor, quirky remarks and generally ironic comments towards the player’s actions, this spirited mechanical sphere is one of the most popular artificial intelligence characters found in a video game. Wheatley has to be appreciated not necessarily for his practical way of helping the player but for the more spiritual kind of support that proves to be really welcomed during the gameplay.


Ellie – The Last of Us

image: last of us part 2 teaser trailer

One of the most popular female characters that appears in a video game, Ellie is Joel’s companion in The Last of Us, the second game seeing her as the playable protagonist. She is an extremely complex character, with a well-defined personality and lots of memorable traits that transform her into a strong-willed companion. Ellie is a great moral support for Joel, making jokes and lifting up his spirit each time the situation is looking dull or straight up depressing and this is why we love her so much!

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Yoshi – Mario Series
Yoshi was first introduced in Super Mario World back in 1990 and since then he remained the most reliable companion. This anthropomorphic dinosaur can be ridden like a horse and he can eat koopas, breath fire, jump over crevasses and even fly. Yoshies can have different colors and unique powers that match with them: red Yoshis can breathe fire, blue Yoshis have wings, and yellow Yoshis produce damaging dust clouds. With his sticky tongue he can grab distant objects, swallow them and produce his iconic spotted egg. With all these abilities, Yoshi surely is Mario’s most dependable buddy.


Otacon – Metal Gear series
Doctor Hal “Otacon” Emmerich was the chief engineer at Metal Gear Rex and became close friends with Solid Snake after being rescued by the mercenary during the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005. Even though he is not the toughest guy in the world, Otacon aided Snake multiple times by helping him fake his death, saving him from various situations and always working together like the great team they truly are. As a matter of fact, Otacon and Snake are the founders of the anti-Metal Gear Non-Governmental Organization named Philanthropy.

Tripitaka – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
Tripitaka comes from a wind farming community and she is extremely skilled at reprogramming, unlike Monkey, her guardian and the game’s main character, who is more of a brute power survivalist. Trip is, in fact, the one that sets the pieces in motion by hacking into a slave headband and placing it on Monkey’s head to force him to escort her back home or else suffer a painful death. As you can see, Tripitaka is an extremely determined friend and her unique skills of lockpicking doors, solving puzzles and distracting enemies will prove to be immensely useful.

Urdnot Wrex – Mass Effect series
A famous mercenary and bounty hunter, Urdnot Wrex is the last of the Krogan Battlemasters, a group of unique individuals that combine bionic abilities with the shattering firepower of cutting-edge weaponry. After hearing stories about his bravery in numerous missions, Urdnot started to develop a certain respect towards Commander Shephard’s warrior abilities, considering him a worthy fighter. If you decide to include this daring Krogan mercenary into your team, you’ll gain a fearless companion that is ready to draw out his guns for you at any moment.


Dogmeat – Fallout 4
Dogmeat is a German Shepherd that can be found at a Red Rocket truck stop southeast of Sanctuary Hills and can be recruited as a companion. This faithful pet unconditionally loves the Sole Survivor who can command him to do various tasks such as go to a certain location, fetch an item, use his tracking abilities to find people and even attack enemies. Dog is most certainly man’s best friend and this amazingly faithful companion from Fallout 4 surely stands as proof of this saying. If you’re in need of an intelligent four legged friend than Dogmeat is your hero!

Elika – Prince of Persia
A servant of the God of Light and a guardian of the Tree of Life, Princess Elika is seen fighting along the Prince and using her magic powers to save him from dangerous situations. Since she is able to fly, this companion can keep the pace with the main hero and she definitely shatters the “damsel in distress” stereotype that is usually associated with being a princess. Even though, at first, Elika might seem a bit defensive towards the Prince, later on she will amaze him with her in depth knowledge about both the Corrupted and Ahriman.

Alyx Vance – Half Life 2 and Episodes
A prominent figure in the Resistance against the rule of the Combine, Alyx Vance is the secondary main character in the Half Life 2 game. She has a very strong and well-defined personality and is frequently seen helping Gordon by hacking into turrets, masterfully handling a pistol and getting into hand-to-hand fights. Alyx is unanimously appreciated for her outgoing nature and extraordinary useful skills, many gamers feeling that she could have been the main character of the game due to the unique traits and in-depth dialogue lines she delivers.