Report: GTA 6 delayed until 2020 due to outrageous reason

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It was rumored that Rockstar Games had ceased development work on GTA VI indefinitely and now fresh reports are claiming that development of the game isn’t likely to resume anytime soon.

A Neurogadget report claims that Grand Theft Auto VI won’t be releasing until 2020 and Rockstar Games is struggling to create the game due to numerous reasons.

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Image: GTA V

The developer has tasted incredible success with GTA V’s standalone mode GTA Online and it’s still making insane money and hence Rockstar Games is required to allot a large pool of developers to keep creating fresh content for the mode.


Image: GTA V

However, the developer faces a larger problem that might be the main reason for GTA VI’s development coming to a halt and the game unlikely to release up until 2020.