Kid gets in trouble at school after calling classmate ‘Hanzo Main.’ Overwatch devs respond

“What did you just call me?!”

This little girl’s clever insult towards a classmate landed her in hot water.

After another student stole her pencil, she called him a “Hanzo main” and got in trouble from her teacher for the insult. As far as insults go, especially when it comes to online games, this is about as tame and as clever as you’re going to get, but obviously the teacher is a total newb. In the teacher’s note to the parents, they even admit they don’t know what a “Hanzo main” is, but that it was “clearly meant as an insult.”


How hard would it have been for the teacher to ask the little girl what she meant? What are you supposed to do when someone steals your pencil if you’re not allowed to lob a harmless verbal jab, does this teacher want the kids getting into an actual fight or something?

The reason this insult stings is she’s basically saying her classmate isn’t a team player, and has no interest in cooperation. She could have just called the classmate selfish and avoided being written up and having a note sent home to her parents. Totally valid criticism of someone who just stole your pencil, but the teacher wasn’t interested in finding out what the little girl was even saying.

Thankfully, her parents sound like awesome people and they thought it was absolutely hilarious.

image: twitter

The Overwatch devs caught news of what happened, and responded to the Tweet: 

Little girl: 1, teacher: 0.