YouTuber alters DualShock 4 with DualShock 3 sticks

If you bought a new PS4 and haven’t been particularly impressed with the feel of the new DualShock 4 sticks, this news bite might just help you out.

Shorty Payne, a PS3 gamer who loves to snipe and is also a YouTuber, happens to be one such PS gamer. His videos generally are related to hints and ideas for the Call of Duty games. But recently he uploaded a video explaining how to alter analog sticks.

The video doesn’t come across as a surprise, because many PS4 owners are having issues with the DualShock 4 sticks getting worn out within a week of purchase. Others might consider Payne’s method as they prefer DualShock 3’s design which is more convex while the DualShock 4 comes with a bit lower and more concave sticks.

Here is the video-

YouTube video

So which design do you prefer? Are you comfortable with the new DualShock 4? Let us know below.