Yoshida: Sony Will Release ‘A Supply of New Titles With a Good Pace’

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida told Polygon this week in an interview that Sony will be creating a supply of new titles at a “good pace” not only during the PlayStation 4’s launch, but afterwards as well.

“It’s interesting that when we discuss the lineup and launch timing of titles, we always discuss internally with out marketing teams about stratefy, about whe we want these games. It’s not like we’re saying we have to release everything at lauch or we shouldn’t release everything at launch. They’re also going back and forth; they want to create a larger launch lineup, but at the same time, they want to create a supply of new tittles with a good pace. That’s a competing goal.

“I think , because we have good support from third parties, I think we should focus more on the steady flow of titles from our studios, rather than trying to get everything for the launch.

”The teams really want to wait until they have something that people will se e any say ‘Wow.’ It’s a natural desire for game development teams to wait until later in the development to unveil their titles. I agree, if we talk about some new Naughty Dog game that’s coming, and show some teaser movie or something, people might like it – but that might not be the best presentation for he game they’re actually developing for PS4.
“It’s luxury for us not to announce these games we have in development , that we do not feel the need to do that to support the launch of PS4.”

It’s actually a good idea. One of the biggest hurdles a platform will have to overcome is the assumption that there aren’t any games on it regardless if it is true or not. Sony’s own PSP was a victim of this idea. It turns out it isn’t about absolute numbers of how many games a platform has, but the view is created via how much continued support a platform gets.

Better to not release everything at once so you’ll have a steady stream on content and never let the assumption gain a foothold.