This year’s Steam summer Sale dates have leaked

The Steam Summer sale is notorious for getting its dates leaked well ahead of launch and this year seems no different.

A leak that’s cropped up on Reddit has revealed that the sale will kick-off on June 22 and will run until July 5.

The leak came in the form of an screenshot of the announcement that was taken from the closed Steamworks developers group.


Although the group is accessible only to developers, since there are literally hundreds of them, it’s quite impossible for Valve to keep embargoed information…well embargoed.

For comparison’s sake, last year’s sale kicked off on June 23 and finished on July 4th. Needless to say, the leaked dates are almost identical to the previous year.

Either ways, keep your wallets close to your hearts as most of the money (if not all) is soon to disappear whenever the sale commences.