The Witness Receives A 10 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

You may recall The Witness, a game which was presented during Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement event. This is an upcoming puzzle title from developers Number None, Inc. Played out in a first-person view, players will have to navigate through different puzzles surrounded by a particular theme. Today a 10 minute walkthrough video was released showing The Witness on the PlayStation 4. Commentary in this video is also included by Johnathan Blow, The Witness’ lead designer.

Players will take role of an unnamed character trapped on an inhabited island. In-order to access different sections of this island, players will have to navigate and complete a section filled with a themed puzzle. The main goal is to hit seven of the ten sections filled with puzzles to reach the giant mountain.

If you’re interested in taking up a puzzle like video game then you may find The Witness a worthy pick up. Set to release this year, The Witness will be available on the Sony PlayStation 4, PC and the iOS. Watch the walkthrough gameplay video down below.

YouTube video