Why PS4 is More Fun than Xbox One

Speaking to GameIndustry International, Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida explain why the PlayStation 4 is a more appealing option than the Xbox One..

Both console are very similar. The PS4 is apparently more powerful than Xbox One ,but both will provide the true next-gen experience.

Yoshida believes that the the PS4 is  most powerful, and most fun to launch this November.



“We continue to say what we’ve been saying since February – PS4 is really designed for consumers and focused on how people want to play games. At the same time, we’ve really made sure that it’s hardware which game developers will enjoy making games on,” Yoshida said. “We want consumers to look at how much fun it is to use this system, not just for playing games but for finding out about games and sharing the experience with other people.

“Of course, we have large studios, Sony Worldwide Studios creating exclusive titles for PS4, as well as what is, for me, one of the most exciting aspects of PS4 – the amount of indie people who have expressed interest and are already making games for PS4, as well as PS Vita. The ease of use, the performance… It’s very powerful hardware. We believe this is the most powerful console ever made. The content, the games available, the usage of PS4 surrounding games… That’s the message we’ve been communicating, and we’ll continue to do that.”

The PS4 will launch  November 15 in North America , Europe on November 29th and Japan on February 22nd .