Why GTA V Might Get Casino DLC Soon

GTA V is the most successful game this year and Rockstar has once again outdone themselves by creating a world which feels real and is bigger and better than anything we’ve seen in a game ever before.

A common question that many GTA gamers are asking right now is if the game features gambling. The answer is no. However, don’t lose your hopes as there are ample hints provided in the game which suggest that the feature will be made available via a future update either through paid DLC or via GTA online.

The GTA series has a history of gambling, with Vice City being the first game which introduced this feature. In the game, the player had to wager money by paying an entrance fee for Vice Street Racer events. Later games like San Andreas also had this feature. Even GTA V has a hint of gambling in the form of the Stock market, but no proper gambling is there yet.

However, as you can see in the image above, the game does feature a ‘Casino’ but it’s closed for now, with a sign reading ‘opening soon’. This makes it highly probably that it’ll open via a future update to the game. If it does, it’ll be the second GTA game after San Andreas to feature proper gambling.

For those who can’t wait till Rockstar implements this feature, you can check out other online casinos and gambling websites to satiate the gambler in you.

Do you think GTA V will feature gambling via a future update? Are you looking forward to the feature being added? Make yourself heard below.