WATCH: Red Dead Online Posses Come Together To Do A 21 Gun Salute For Horse

Red Dead Online‘s beta launched to pretty mixed reception, but Rockstar Games has been working hard to fix the issues found in the online multiplayer game.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Despite its flaws, some Red Dead Online players have really been enjoying the experience, and Reddit is overflowing with stories, images and videos of peoples’ online experiences.

A Reddit user by the name of lildikhentai666 recently shared a clip of his experience with a posse calling themselves the “Lancaster bandits,” but this crew definitely weren’t criminal.

Nope, the Lancaster bandits actually supported the player with a 21 gun salute as a sign of respect after his horse passed away.

Credit: Rockstar Games

What’s especially nice about this tribute is that bullets are absolutely not cheap – or at least, they weren’t quick to get hold of before the most recent game update from Rockstar, which was after the video was uploaded.

Check out the clip below.

ran into the “Lancaster bandits” posse and while we were goofin around my horse died so they decided to honor him with a 21 gun salute along with me from r/reddeadredemption

What’s the nicest thing you’ve come across in Red Dead Online?

Over on The Red Dead Redemption 2 Facebook Group  a user by the name of Irfan Galih Ramadhan has shared a couple of screenshots from the Rockstar Games’ online multiplayer, and it shows off some pretty unusual behaviour from an in-game gang.

Credit: Rockstar Games

The images show a gang of players who’ve taken it upon themselves to ride semi-clothed around the mountains, seemingly for hours on end.

Ramadhan shared the shots along with the caption: “straightest gang in the west.”


Check out the images and let us know if you’ve come across these Magic Mike-inspired riders!