Watch Dogs Animation Director Praises The PS4

There’s been a few developers out in the market that talk about their preferred console when it comes to the big three. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs animation director Colin Graham only had good things to say about the PlayStation 4. Turns out, because of the PS4, the development progress really opened up for the team to think even bigger and better for the anticipated title.

Colin Graham recently, talked openly about the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Blog outlet. We learned that the PlayStation 4 really gave the development team, especially the animators department, complete freedom. Colin mentions that as console generations come to an end, it’s hard to come up with new ideas in terms of expanding a video game because of the now limited power a console can produce. When it came to the PlayStation 4 readily available for the development team, they found an abundance of power. Memory was no longer an issue as they found that the development team couldn’t surpass any limit.

PS4 has really given us the platform to build a new type of game,” Graham explained. “It gave us a chance to dream. From an animation point of view we’re always running out of memory, especially when you start developing towards the end of a console generation, so PS4 allowed things like reduced animation compression and more variety in civilians. From my point of view it’s a bit like working with an unlimited budget because we can’t fill the memory budget on PS4. It’s a really nice piece of hardware.

Recently, Ubisoft had released a brand new trailer showcasing the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 exclusive campaign for Watch Dogs. As for when the game releases in market, Ubisoft had announce that the game will be available this May 27th.

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