The Video Game Awards Revealed

A brand new award show all based around video games has revealed. The award show is known as The Video Game Awards and will be taking place next month in Las Vegas. Already, the award show is being backed by a number of big names like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft and more.

Taking place this December 5th in Las Vegas, the night before Sony’s PlayStation Experience event set in Las Vegas as well, gamers can start purchasing tickets officially tomorrow on Ticketmaster. A ticket will run you $45 and grant you a seat in the Axis Theater where the even will be taking place. No word as if the event will be televised at all but streams will be present on Xbox Live, PSN and PC.

Apparently the event will host video game awards, world premiere announcements, musical performances among other surprises. We’re curious as to how The Video Game awards will be played out and the reaction to gamers all over the world.