Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

As you enter the latest Call of Duty video game, Advanced Warfare, the first thing that will hit you is the immense graphics. The facial expressions are incredible and has obviously been worked on for a very long time. Our main protagonist Mitchell never speaks a word whilst you’re in first person but he gets plenty of character development in cutscenes. Yes you heard correctly, there are cutscenes in this game and they are absolutely astonishing! Sledgehammer hired some amazing actors like Troy Baker, and Kevin Spacey who really added to the game giving it more depth but is there enough there to keep gamers interested?

You will be gifted with some OP killstreaks

This is the first game in the series to benefit from a three year development cycle and you can really see the differences. Because of the new three year cycle, the game isnt just a fast campaign, a linear co op mode and a generic mutiplayer. Sledgehammer took the time to hire some amazing actors who had then been fitted with top of the range gear to capture their every movement.

During the  campaign you will encounter various different gadgets that wont just be a one time use. COD games usually give you an amazing gadget that you only use on a single occasion. This is not a problem in Advanced Warfare, for example the mute charge which as it says in the name takes all of the sound out of an area allowing you to take down a whole room of enemies without alerting anyone, can be of use in multiple areas within the game.

The graphics are an amazing addition

What surprised me was that the exo abilities don’t really play into the multiplayer. Yes you are jumping across the map and avoiding laser fire but the shield and the cloaking abilities don’t help out because they are not long lasting. Not even the special grenades help out because every player is speeding around the map so fast that it’s tough tracking anyone down.

The Zombie Mode was a great addition to the game

After many years of playing through the different Call of Duty games the additions tossed into Advanced Warfare doesn’t change up the formula we’ve know and love. Another issue is the campaign missions not being very memorable. The scale of the levels don’t really improve from past games and the only really memorable mission seems to be the San Francisco level. This is a big issue for some players because the past games despite not having the best mechanics, did have a number of moments that are memorable and changed the story line drastically.