Valve’s ‘Secret Version Of Twitch’ Has Been Leaked

It looks like Valve has been working on a livestreaming site called that could be set to challenge Twitch, but its accidental reveal probably wasn’t what they had planned… 

A tweet from a user by the name of Pavel Djundik recently got a lot of attention, sending thousands over to – a very official-looking Valve website, complete with a certificate of authenticity and the branding: “Welcome to” 

Some time later, users returned to the site where a livestream of Dota 2 was apparently underway. 

According to various sources, the site featured the livestream along with a chat bar, the ability to access your Steam friends list and, of course, the ability to log into your Steam account. 

A rep from Valve has since released a statement on the matter, confirming: “We are working on updating Steam Broadcasting for the Main Event of The International, Dota 2’s annual tournament. 

“What people saw was a test feed that was inadvertently made public.” 

The International 2018 Main Event will be taking place from 20th August – 25th August 2018, so we’ll more than likely get the official unveiling of at that time. 

Cnet managed to see the Dota gameplay before it was pulled, and reported: “[] feels far more like a native web app.  

“Once I logged in, I was able to access my new Steam Chat friends list and group chats — the interface seems very similar to, but with more functionality — and invite friends to watch videos together while we chat. (hey there @seaniccus!)  

“The interface has room for quite a few tabs up top for additional chat windows, but weirdly the video gets minimized when you invite friends. You have to expand it again. 

“Oh, and there’s built-in voice chat right there in your web browser, at least in Google Chrome. While the interface works in Firefox and Microsoft Edge, voice chat isn’t supported in those browsers yet.” 

Read the report in full right here.