US Navy will use Xbox controllers to steer Submarine periscopes and it actually makes sense

The US military is amongst the most advanced on earth. Despite that, high-cost equipment is still an issue for one of the most powerful forces. Pentagon is considering implementing Xbox controllers to its programs such as laser weapons and other equipment in the near future.

In the meantime, the US Navy has already started using Xbox controllers to operate the periscopes on submarines. The USS Colorado will be the first submarine to feature the Xbox controllers and it’s expected to sail in November. Apart from that, the submarine will also contain an advanced imaging system with big screens and high-resolution cameras.

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The reason behind this change is the expense of a single joystick that could go up to $38,000. Sailors that also tried the joystick, had described it as clunky and heavy. On the other hand, when military contractor tested the Xbox controller, he found that the training only took minutes compared to the hours for learning the joystick.

This would be a great application for the US Navy. Xbox controllers would only cost around $30, meaning that the army could end up with way more money left for other improvements.