Uncharted 3 Releases Final Map and Makes All Maps Free

Naughty Dog is celebrating the second year anniversary of the release of Uncharted 3 with a new and final multiplayer DLC. It adds several tweaks and a new map, Dry Docks, for free. It was a map the team worked on originally, but didn’t feel they could get it up the quality of the rest of the multiplayer maps after they set up some basic geometry so it was set aside. It’s different than the original version, but Robert Cogburn of Naughty Dog feels it is better for the changes.

<iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/V8sOhC2aoy4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

But it gets better. Every single downloadable map released for the game is now available for no charge. Full patch notes below:

· All DLC maps are now available to download for free! Go to the in-game store and download the Flashback Map Pack 1, 2, and Drake’s Deception Map Pack.
· Dry Docks makes its triumphant debut and is available in all competitive playlists and custom games!
· Old Quarter map has been added to Co-op arena mode.
· The drop rate for all co-op treasures has been increased.
· Old Quarter has been removed from the Hunter Arena playlist.
· Hipfire accuracy has been greatly reduced on all weapons, along with the angle and distance at which the auto lock engages. But Blindfire from cover has not been changed.
· Increased recoil on the M9.
· Decreased recoil on FAL-SS.
· Rate of Fire mod has been decreased on the M9, Arm Micro, and KAL-7.
· The recoil of the last round fired in a G-MAL burst has been significantly reduced.
· The burst delay and recoil have been reduced on the Raffica.
· The accuracy mod on the Raffica has been slightly improved.
· The recoil has been reduced on the Tau Sniper and the weapon does not automatically scope.
· The rate of fire mod has increased effectiveness for the Tau Sniper.
· Sprint maneuverability moderately reduced.
· Mega Bombs and Cluster Bombs can no longer be thrown back (competitive mode only).
· The Marked Man power play now occurs when a team is up 8 kills instead of 6.
· The Exposed power play occurs when a team is up 10 kills instead of 8, and the range that player names appear has been reduced from 40 meters to 20.
· The Double Damage power play now occurs when a team is up 15 kills instead of 10, and the damage the losing team does is only x1.5 instead of x2.
· Deathmatch has been removed from Team Objective.
· Increase score limit in three-team Deathmatch from 20 to 25.
· Increase score limit of free-for-all from 15 to 20.
· Multiple steps have been added during the matchmaking process to help find games with lower ping. Wait times to find matches during off peak hours may increase.
Medal Kickbacks
· The Medal Kickback Creepy Crawler now costs 12 medals and lasts for 25 seconds.
· Quick Boom now costs 12 medals and lasts for 12 seconds.
· Explosives now costs 5 medals.
· Slot 1 now has Kickback Endurance, Ammo Award, Bargain, and Team Safe
· Slot 2 now has Beast Mode, Regeneration, Explosive Expert, and Explosive Shell Expert.
· Bargain paid booster cost increase from $100k to $250k.
· PING paid booster cost increase from $100k to $250k.
New 3rd Buddy Boosters
· Cutter — Cutter KAL-7 — Jade Para 9 — Sugar Buddy
· Eddie — Eddie’s AK — Jade Para 9 — Booty Buddy
· Draza — Draza’s Dragon — jade Para 9 — Thanks Buddy
· Flynn — Flynn’s G-MAL — Jade Para 9 — Explosive Buddy
· Lazarevic — Lazarevic’s FAL-SS – Jade Para 9 — Stealth Buddy
Map Adjustments
· Gate added to London Underground tunnel to block off dead end.
· Plunders chests have been rebalanced on Syria and Museum.

(via PlayStation Blog)