Ubisoft says ‘The Division’ being Always Online is Necessary

Online gaming is growing in the gaming industry, and it seems like almost everyone is connected to the internet constantly.

Due to the popularity of online gaming, it would only be wise for Ubisoft to make their upcoming game ‘The Division’ to be immersed in the online world.

The Division was first unveiled at last year’s E3 2013 event. It is an always online, open-world RPG whose settings will take place in New York City.


Even discussing that a game is always online has a chance of impacting the game’s sales. When Microsoft revealed their ‘Always Online’ Xbox One console, they received a ton of backlash, which made them change their console to the consumer’s preference.

Ubisoft’s Mattshotcha gave some insight on the game:

“I think it’s a necessary aspect and I try not to question the intelligent people who decided that was a necessary aspect. Yes, it might hurt them in some way because it will inevitably exclude someone. I look at it like this though, the game is built around certain elements that require you to be online.

“Knowing that, would you enjoy an offline variant? No, you probably wouldn’t. Playing completely offline would strip away certain features that are crucial elements to the game, and without those elements, it would be a different game,”

The Division

A more connected gaming experience is a part of the gaming revolution that is moving towards online play. It has been proven that it is what people want, so Ubisoft will move towards the online gaming world.


If the user is a person who has internet and is connected all the time, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to access this game. But, if they are a person who cannot be connected, then it wouldn’t be an ideal game to play.

There has been no word of a launch date, but keep checking back for more details on The Division.

After all the always online controversy, Do you think this game will affect Ubisoft? Comment below.