Ubisoft Releases 30 Minute Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Video

Ubisoft revealed their upcoming Rainbox Six Siege video game during this year’s E3 2014 expo. During the reveal, Ubisoft showed off the main focus of the multiplayer aspect of the game, or what we believe will be the main focus. A game mode where to teams go head-to-head in hopes to secure a location and hostages. ┬áToday a video was uploaded by Ubisoft showing off 30 minutes of game matches surrounded around this mulitplayer game mode.

While there is nothing new revealed, we get to see a whole lot more of these multiplayer game mode. The map takes place in a suburban environment where a team of enemies take over a house and secure themselves and hostages inside. Another team of rescuers must invade the house and the hostage.

As you can notice in the video below, the environment is very destructible that can easily lead to new tactical take downs. Rainbow Six Siege will be releasing sometime in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.