Twitch Streamers Find They’re Being Stalked Via Discord

Twitch streamers xChocobars and DisguisedToast recently had to deal with something that’s a lot of people’s worst nightmare.

The pair stumbled across multiple Discord servers that had been tracking and documenting their every move in a terrifying case of online stalking.

Even more worryingly, the pair believe the team of people involved in the stalking were close to the streamers, even going so far as to call them “friends.” 

In a post found on Reddit, xChocobars is said to have stated: “I’m just so sad and disappointed…I trusted them so much. 

“They were my friends and I saw them as humans not just numbers or viewers. 

“They updated our every move. Anytime I went into any channel. Anytime I liked a tweet. 

“They even tracked my family’s Twitch activities.” 

The Reddit post has now become a debate around the dangers of having a large following or fandom – especially online. 

One user commented: “Real-life shipping is a special type of weird and pathetic. Not sure what type of social disconnect leads to fans treating their ‘faves’ like they’re fictional characters for them to obsess over.” 

Reddit user DoctorBread spread some information about online stalking and Discord, stating: “We do not tolerate this sort of stalking, harassment, and obsessive behavior shown in this DisguisedToast / Mitch example, nor do we tolerate any sort of brigading.  

“If you see something you think might be worth sharing, please send us a modmail. Just because it takes place on Discord doesn’t mean we won’t take action here. We also have connections we can levy to deal with harassment in the larger streaming community outside of reddit as well.” 

Speaking about the stalking, xChocobars is said to have told her stream: “Jeremy and I did not want to publicly come out and expose them. 

“We wanted to give them a second chance. We tried to DM them and Whisper them privately and asked for the Discord link which they proceeded to lie [sic] and say they weren’t in the Discord and didn’t know what we were talking about. 

“We messaged THREE of them. Maybe four. All lied.” 

Check out the post in full right here.