Treyarch Is Aware: Black Ops 2 Freezing Issues

For those who have been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 since launch, you might have encountered an annoying bug that makes the game stutter and freeze when checking player profiles while in the game.

Treyarch is “aware” of the issue, and game director David Vahn Vonderhaar has acknowledged it on his Twitter.

A fan tweeted “There is an issue with checking profiles in game. Whole thing freezes, unable to move or do anything. Requires dashboard,” and Vonderhaar replied with, “Known issue. Thanks for the report.”

For the PS3, checking someone’s profile or even fiddling with menus when the match starts results in the first few seconds stuttering and getting a “Connection Interrupted” message pop up twice. This is based on my experience and is really annoying when you’re playing Domination and want to cap the first flag. Other platforms have had similar issues, and hopefully they will be fixed soon.