Trash Dove has a dark secret meaning which will make you think twice before posting it

If you’re on Facebook, you must have seen the Trash Dove sticker in the comments. People have been spamming it in the comment section for no apparent reason, and it’s become the single most annoying thing on Facebook right now.

You can thank American artist Syd Weiler for making this sticker. The designer, when asked about what it means said on record that it means nothing. He just made it to be silly and pointless, and because internet, it went insanely viral due to a series of bizarre random occurrences.

KnowYourMeme reports the trend started in Thailand, “As early as on February 7th, the sticker suddenly went viral in Thailand, beginning with a music video posted on the Facebook page สัตว์โลกอมตีน[4] (Animals With Paws), where it garnered more than 3.7 million views within five days”

However a certain segment of people are using it for more than just mindless spamming on Facebook,  and it’s actually become a symbol for them, for spreading the message of alt-right politics.

Namely, people with Neo-Nazi ideologies have decided to use the meme to leverage their own agendas, and convert it into a symbol of Hate & Fascism.

They have even made a symbol out of it to represent the Nazi symbolism.


This has created a huge controversy. One one side, people with Neo-Nazi ideologies have hijacked the meme and imagery to spread their propaganda, and on the other we have liberals, who are urging people to stop using Trash Dove, who claim it promotes white supremacy. An oppression against free speech.

Nothing can be fun anymore, there’s got to be some people who ruin it for everyone. Welcome to 2017, no flying cars yet, but at least we have the trash dove.

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