Torment: Tides of Numenera- Final Stretch Goal achieved

Developer  inXile Entertainment has announced that the final stretch goal that had been set for Torment: Tides of Numenera has been achieved.

The target was a total of $4.5 million till the end of April. The effort to raise funds was quite a grand success as the Kickstarter itself garnered a total of $4,188,927. It is exclusive of the Paypal funds that are yet to be added with an extra $239,438 in the bank and a number of pledges that are yet to be processed.

Producer Thomas Beekers said in a statement,“Because you guys are so awesome we can implement every single one of our stretch goals, including not just the player ‘stronghold’ but also our ideas for expanded reactivity, length and depth, pursuing some of our crazier ideas concerning choice and consequence. As we outlined in update 19, while the classic ‘stronghold’ concept might not fit this game the potential is there to do some really interesting things to tie it into our theme of legacy and the unique weirdness of the Ninth World.”

This is awesome news for fans of Torment as it’ll ensure that the game is made in the best possible manner.