A top 500 ranked Overwatch player on PS4 is a well known hacker, Blizzard yet to take action

A reddit thread has gone viral that claims to talk about a well known Overwatch hacker using a PS4 console.

He is so good and active that he is ranked among the top 500 Overwatch PS4 players in the world regularly. Although, he isn’t named in the post due to witch-hunting accusation, the poster explains his methods.

I can’t mention his name because it would count as witch hunting but he’s a hacker who DDoS attacks his opponents and then wins the game by holding their connection down, so they are unable to rejoin to the match. He is able to do this because the PS4 system has a bug: if someone joins to your party (voice chat) you are able to get his IP. So basically at the beginning of the match he creates a party, invites all six enemy players, and if one of them accepts the invite, nukes his connection.

He even shared a first-hand experience of the same:

After finishing the last season on 4200, his placement matches in season 5 put him to 2800, and I got to experience a match against him last night: http://imgur.com/a/IVHlg

The post also cites several other proof that the community has accumulated against him in recent times:

I have lots of proof I can’t post here because of the witch hunting rule, on /r/OwConsole we have posts about him almost weekly. There’s video proof of him on youtube:

  • threatening his teammates who decided to throw the game because they didn’t want to support a hacker (everyone knows his name in grandmaster for doing this, he is like an infamous celebrity), telling them that he’s going to hack their account and expose their IP’s on his website
  • in another match, bragging about his hack on voice chat, saying that all enemy players accepted his party invites, and asking his teammates which enemy hero he should disconnect (a minute later he disconnects 4 enemy players).
  • countless videos from different uploaders, where he DDoS attacks the enemy and makes at least one of their players leave

The one thing that seems to have irked the community the most is the fact that the player is yet to be banned by Blizzard. Blizzard seems to be putting the blame on Sony for his actions and Sony doing vice versa.

It is important to note that the console versions of Overwatch doesn’t have a reporting system. A lot of players have apparently sent emails to Blizzard complaining about this hacker but no action has been taken yet.

We hope Blizzard will look into this and similar matters as it indeed reflects poorly on them and Overwatch as a whole.