This Major Change To Warzone Will Affect Every Gun

Call of Duty: Warzone received a new patch this week as part of the Season 4 Reloaded update, and it brings with it some major changes.

Among some of the changes as detailed in this blog post by Activision, there is one major change that will affect how every gun works in the game and completely change the meta.

Characters from Call of Duty Warzone dropping from the sky
Credit: Activision

Activision has increased the ‘Time-To-Kill’ (TTK) stat on every gun, which means that the damage output has been tweaked so it takes you longer to deplete opponents’ armour and health to zero.


This has been done by reducing the multipliers on enemy limbs, with torso multipliers receiving the biggest changes. This places a bigger emphasis on precision as damage to the torso is now weaker than before.

Credit: Activision


‘Statistically, there will always be a ‘best weapon’. That is the nature of a competitive game. Players will seek out and employ any advantage they can, regardless of how miniscule it may be. We will take great care to ensure that the ‘best weapon’ never overstays its welcome and has effectiveness that scales with the skill of the handler,’ said Activision in the blog post.

‘Conversely, there are also a great deal of players who prefer a myriad of options to choose from,’ they continue. ‘Our goal is to provide exactly that. We will continue to compress outliers, both over and underperforming, until each Weapon is viable at the very least. We do not want players to feel they are at a distinct disadvantage for not conforming to the generally accepted ‘best weapon’.’

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You can read about the full details of every change by checking out our article on all the guns that were buffed and nerfed in the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision