This Game Has Been In Development For 24 Years And Is Finally Releasing On Steam

You’ve got to imagine there’s at least one person out there who first heard about UnReal World back in 1992 when it was announced, thought it looked cool and was hyped to play it, and has been waiting for nearly a quarter century to finally grab it on a Steam sale.

The next time you feel like complaining because a game that you’re looking forward to took a long time to be released, just be thankful that you aren’t the guy who has been waiting 24 years for UnReal World.


Granted, this isn’t the first version of the game, and it has built up a cult following over the years. But now it’s time for the big show. Check it out on Steam.

This was originally a game for MS DOS, but then it got the upgrade to Windows. This rogue-like started off with a fantasy theme, but now it’s based in Finland about 1000 years BC.


  • The Academy Award for Best Picture in 1992 went to Silence of the Lambs.
  • The number 1 song was Achy Breaky Heart by Miley’s dad.
  • Barney The Dinosaur debuted on television.
  • The Cartoon Network was launched.
  • Gasoline was $1 per gallon.
  • Bill Clinton was elected.
  • Development started for UnReal World.


A lot changes over the course of 24 years, but as of February 26th, UnReal World is finally available for purchase in the Steam store. It’s definitely not for everyone because roguelike RPG games are already a niche genre, but old school PC gamers will find a lot to enjoy.

The game is very complex and deep, a product of having so much time put into it over the decades.


There have been multiple trailers over the years, but here’s the most recent one:

YouTube video

Rumor has it the sequel is slated for a summer 2029 release.

Now you’ve gotta see: 

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