There’s bad news for fans looking forward to GTA VI’s announcement

Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games has etched a special place in gamers’ hearts. The franchise has produced some of the best open world games to date, and have garnered both critical and commercial success.

Its last outing, Grand Theft Auto V, has shipped more than 70 million copies to date, and its standalone mode GTA Online has made close to a billion dollars in revenue.

It is only fair for fans to eagerly await the next iteration of the game, especially considering its been so long since GTA V released. However, we have some bad news for you.

It’s highly unlikely GTA 6 will be announced anytime soon, and chances of it releasing are even slimmer. There are several reason to this.

The first reason obviously is Red Dead Redemption 2, which was recently delayed onto Spring 2018. Although, Rockstar’s employing a separate team to create Red Dead Redemption 2 but due to the challenges of shipping a complete game, it might be forced to allocate more staff to the development of the game.

image: YouTube

This indefinably makes it difficult for the team to work on GTA 6 but it’s only part of the problem.

The main issue for the game’s delay hits closer home as the standalone mode GTA Online¬†is the root cause for it. The huge success of GTA Online has compelled Rockstar Games to roll out regular updates and it’s eating up quite a bit of resources.

The game is also making a huge amount of money and it makes business sense for the team to fully focus on GTA Online. An unfortunate side-effect of this is that GTA VI takes a backseat and development is likely to suffer.

Considering all of these scenarios, don’t expect any announcement regarding GTA VI before late 2018 or later. The game itself has little chances of releasing before 2020 and it might take even longer than that.

Rockstar Games is currently at a good space¬†with the success of GTA Online and its upcoming open world game Red Dead Redemption 2 looking very promising, and it’s definitely going to take its own sweet time announcing Grand Theft Auto VI.