The World’s Greatest PS3 Exclusive Must Haves

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Sony Computer Entertainment released the third action-adventure game in the Uncharted series in November 2011. Uncharted 3 takes you around the world in search of the legendary lost city, Iram of the Pillars. The game offers single-player, online multiplayer, online co-op, and split-screen co-op. As for the gameplay; Drake is able to jump, sprint, climb, scale narrow ledges, swim, solve puzzles, and do many other things as well. Drake can now take on multiple opponents in hand-to-hand combat, melee attacks, and new stealth options.

Rated T for Teen: Gore, Violence, and Mild Language

Trailer: Uncharted 3


Metal Gear Solid 4

Konami released the stealth action third-person shooter Metal Gear Solid 4 in June 2008. The game is set in 2014, and the world economy relies on continuous war fought by PMCs who outnumber government military forces. It offers single-player, multiplayer online, and downloadable content. Players take the role of Old Snake. Stressors such as foul smells and being hunted by the enemy, increase Snake’s stress gauge, which eventually depletes his Psyche. To gain Psyche back, Snake must eat, drink, smoke, or red an adult magazine. Other effects in gameplay include difficulty aiming, frequent back pain, and Snake passing out after receiving damage.

Rated M for Mature: Blood, Crude Humor, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, and Violence

Trailer: MGS 4


Heavy Rain

Sony Computer Entertainment released the interactive drama psychological thriller Heavy Rain in February 2010. The story features four protagonists involved with the mystery of a serial killer known as the Origami Killer who uses extended periods of rainfall to drown his victims. It is a single player adventure game, which requires the player to move the character and have him/her interact with objects or non-player characters to progress the story. The choices the player makes will affect later scenes in the game. The game has many different endings depending on the player’s performance, so there is no immediate game over. The player can return to earlier scenes and replay them as well with the possibility of altering the events for previous and upcoming chapters.

Rated M for Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, and Use of Drugs

Trailer: Heavy Rain


KillZone 3

Sony Computer Entertainment released this first-person shooter Killzone 3 in February 2011. It is the first game in the Killzone series to have been presented in 3D and to include motion controls using the PlayStation Move. The game follows the Killzone 2 story and features single-player, online multiplayer, and offline split-screen co-op modes. Similar to the first Killzone, the game takes place in environments such as a lethal alien jungle, Arctic landscapes, nuclear wastelands, city-scapes, and space. the game also features jet packs, a close combat melee system, and a new weapon called the WASP that fires a spiraling multi-firing rocket launcher.

Rated M for Mature: Gore, Violence, and Strong Language

Trailer: Killzone 3


God of War 3

Sony computer Entertainment released the single player action-adventure game God of War 3 in March 2010. The game is based on Greek mythology, focuses on Kratos, and continues the saga of vengeance to kill Zeus and the Olympian Gods. The player controls the character Kratos in a lot of first and third-person combat. The game has puzzles, requires multiple button pressing during battle, and also has cutscreen time based attacks here and there during battles. The primary weapons have an individual magic ability. The secondary weapons are referred to as items are limited and do things such as heal Kratos.

Rated M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, and Strong Sexual Content

Trailer: GoW 3


Twisted Metal

Sony Computer Entertainment released the vehical combat game Twisted Metal in February 2012. The game is a sequel of Twisted Metal, which was released in 1995. The game features heavy single player and multiplayer combat, including game modes with up to 4 player split-screen and 16-players online. There are four factions to play against: Clowns, Dolls, Skulls, and Holy Men. Each faction has a giant statue that is held in the air by a helicopter, which the opposing team must destroy. The player must abduct the enemy team’s leader, sacrifice the leader to a missile launcher, and launch a nuclear missile.

Rated M for Mature: Strong Language and Graphic Content

Trailer: Twisted Metal


InFamous 2

Sony Computer Entertainment released the single player action-adventure sequel InFamous 2 in June 2011. The story continues with Cole who was given the powers of electricity and must face an entity of untold power who was foretold by Kessler. Depending on what the player makes Cole do, he is made a Hero or a Villain. Cole is liked more by citizens each time he does something nice such as healing the wounded. When Cole kills citizens etc, he is called a villain and is hated by the citizens. Some citizens will call for help and some will throw things at Cole; it all depends on the decision the player makes. Cole fights using electric based attacks and heals by finding objects with electricity.

Rated T for Teen: Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence

Trailer: InFamous 2


Resistance 3


Sony Computer Entertainment released the science fiction post-apocalyptic horror first-person shooter Resistance 3 in September 2011. The story starts 4 years after Operation: Black Eden, the United States is a wasteland along with the rest of the world, and Joseph Capelli has been given a dishonorable discharge from SRPA for executing Nathan Hale. The game features single player, co-op, online co-op, multiplayer, 16-player competitive, and online multiplayer. The weapon wheel and health bar from the first Resistance game is used in this game, and there are new environmental objects such as chimeran plants that explode when shot. The game has new and old weapons that are all upgradeable, which become more powerful when used.

Rated M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language

Trailer: Resistance 3


Gran Turismo 5

Sony computer Entertainment released the racing game Gran Turismo 5 in November 2010. The game allows 5 players to drive 26 different scenerey locations and 71 different track layouts. The game also provides 1,031 cars. The cars are separated into two categories: Standard and Premium. Standard cars are models from GT4 and GT PSP. Premium cars are new models that have working windshield wipers and customization including engine tune-ups, weight reduction, etc.

Rated E for Everyone: Mild Lyrics

Trailer: GT5